Strategies For Marathon Preparation

Strategies For Marathon Preparation

The important point to be kept in mind during a marathon is to maintain energy. Training and good health ensure that the energy level stays stable and lasts longer. It is important to gradually increase the distance and speed of running. Staying healthy is the very important.

Overtraining is always bad and training regularly with a relaxed mind helps in preserving energy. It is important to feel the joy of training and running. Feeling compelled to train will never end in success and personal interest is important for achieving the target.

The equipment used must be comfortable. Especially the shoes must be comfortable. The socks must also be a good one. Make sure that the clothes worn for the run are as comfortable as it gets, distraction or discomfort will impact the running.

Training is the key to success. Proper planning must be done for training. Daily routine and weekly routine must be planned and carried out without fail. Stretching the body must also be included in the training. Stretching helps in relaxation of muscles, which could prevent cramps. But it must be avoided after workouts.

Other activities like swimming, deep water running cycling, etc. also helps in keeping the body healthy and helps in improvement of stamina, which ultimately maintains the energy level.

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