Running Vs Gym – Which is Better in Getting Fit?


People who are trying to lose weight or build muscles immediately think of hitting their home gym to achieve their goals. Having one of the best home gyms makes achieving these fitness goals a lot easier. An alternative to gym though is running outdoors. You will get the same benefit plus a lot more.

In terms of achieving your fitness goals, both are effective means. The results vary mainly on how much effort you put into what you are doing. For instance, you might spend an hour inside the gym, but half the time you were just taking selfies. It will still not yield great results. Running on the other hand helps in losing weight, but it can also provide other benefits.

Strengthen your bones

We usually forget that there is a type of vitamin which we can only get from the rays of the sun. It is called Vitamin D. This is the bonus benefit that you will get if you decide to run outdoors instead of locking yourself in an enclosed gym.

You feel better

Exercising in general helps in brightening up your mood. A study has revealed though that going outside to run is more helpful in making you feel better. Results showed that those who have suffered from mental illness have improved their conditions after regularly running outdoors. It could be due to the breathtaking sceneries outdoors or the fresh air blowing through your face.

Live longer

Another study has revealed that even just running for 5-10 minutes each day could help extend your life. This helps reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. If this is what it takes to live longer even for a few years, then why not?

It’s for free

Gym memberships or building a home gym could cost you a lot. Running outside on the other hand is for free. You can also do it at any point during the day. Gyms open and close during a certain point and if you don’t live alone, it would be inconsiderate of you to be making noise in your home gym at odd hours. But the outdoors will always be there for you.

There is no problem in choosing the gym over running or the other way around. It is just important to note that if you are unable to hit the gym, you can always go outside and run.

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