Taking a Break from Running? Try Wall Climbing!

Running is a great form of exercise and is also a great way to pass the time. Instead of being idle or sitting on a couch the whole day, running or jogging is a better way to spend your day. Some people say a quick morning run is enough to get their creative juices flowing all day. Others prefer to run at the end of the day. The healthy dose of endorphins does wonders in melting away the day’s stresses and tension.

The downside to running though is that it is a high-impact activity. It does give the feet and the knees a good beating. It also affects the muscles on the legs and even the hips, so runners must be very careful to stretch before and after the activity. The muscles also need ample time to cool down and rest.

If you’re not a serious athlete, running for great lengths isn’t recommended as a daily activity. The muscles need to rest and recover so you don’t sustain any injuries or incur permanent damage on your muscles and joints. If you’re looking for an alternative activity that isn’t high impact but still provides you with a solid and good burn, you can give wall climbing a try.

Wall climbing is an indoor activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s fun, exciting, gives you a good workout and at the same time, assures your safety because it is done indoors. Most of the time, the locations are situated inside malls or entertainment complexes. So while the rest of your family members shop or watch a movie, you can be right there scaling heights!

Wall climbing is the much safer version of mountain or rock climbing. Here, there are experts and professionals who will ensure that you are safe every minute of your climb. You will be given harnesses, support straps, helmets, gloves as well as the best climbing carabiner. You will need several of these to complete your climb. Carabiners are small but very durable clips that hold straps or ropes together.  You should not scrimp on the quality of the carabiners that you buy or use because your life literally depends on these small clamps. Carabiners are made from materials that are rust and element proof. The same carabiners used for outdoor climbing are used for indoor wall climbing activities as well.

There are several advantages of indoor wall climbing over outdoor rock climbing. For one, indoor walls are less steep and complicated. Practice walls for novice climbers have strategically placed grips and footholds. This makes it easy for climbers to find places to grab and secure their footing. Novices can also do as many practices climbs as they can so they can familiarise themselves with how to change grips and maintain proper form during climbs. This gives them ample time to prepare for actual climbing experiences should they choose to do the actual thing.

Another advantage is zero exposure to the elements. The weather outside, especially on top of mountains, can be unpredictable. This adds to the challenges that a climber must overcome. Indoor wall climbing is done in a controlled environment. It’s not hot and neither is it too cold. More importantly, there won’t be any chance of rain, snow, or hail while you climb. The sun won’t be as harsh either.

As you may already know, countless climbers have lost their lives or have gotten injured due to weather-related incidents while they climb. This is a serious cause for concern that indoor climbers don’t have to bother themselves with.

Finally, indoor climbers don’t have to worry about the extra weight of a bulky camping bag while they scale heights. Real climbers have to bring camping gear because climbing a mountain can take days on end. Indoor climbs, on the other hand, can be completed in 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how challenging the course is.

The indoor climbs will help increase your upper body strength as well as supplement the power of your legs and thighs. You’ll be stronger and leaner because of it. So it is something that should be considered both as an alternative or a supplementary activity to running.

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