Running Apparel for Men

running dress

The right apparel can raise your comfort level while running. The running apparel for men has only two pieces- a pair of shorts and tops. There are few points to consider while choosing good comfortable clothing.

Running Shorts
Earlier, men used to wear separate underwear and shorts. But now, most of the shorts have built in underwear. There are few choices to consider- the length of the inseam, presence of pockets and the material.

Inseam length relates to the speed and comfort of the runner. Elite runners prefer short inseam as they look for lighter clothing for more agility and speed. Long inseam is a good choice for the ones who do not like their bottoms too short and can also be worn for the gym. Pockets are also purely optional. If the runner needs to carry energy gels, iPod or keys, pockets come in handy.
running menThe material of the shorts is also based on personal choice; the runner can choose the material which is more comfortable and compatible with them. Expensive shorts would have higher quality material, which helps in better and fast absorbing of sweat and lasts longer than a cheap one. Reflective materials can be worn on early morning runs so that the vehicles can know about the runner and it provides safety.

Running tops
There are few options for tops too; men have a running singlet, short sleeved, long sleeved and sleeveless tops. Singlets are for warmer weather condition, and it provides maximum flexibility and breathability. Short sleeves are preferred when the runner doesn’t want to feel too exposed, and the climate is not cold enough for long sleeves. It also protects the runner’s skin against sunlight and other elements. Long sleeves are preferred in colder weather, to keep the runner warm enough. Sleeveless top provide the flexibility of single and also wider shoulder coverage.

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