Running To Lose Weight

running to weight-loss

There is no exercise to match running when losing weight is your ultimate goal. Running is the best way to burn calories. If you have not started on running it is the time you engage in running. It is a high-intensity exercise and works even while on rest. Researchers believe that running can lead to a greater loss in weight because your energy is expended even while on rest after running. It is proved that runners burn more calories and lose 90% more weight in comparison with those walking. You can cover the distance number of times while running than walking. This goes to prove that running helps lose more calories.

Running is easier and can be done alone. You can start running almost anywhere; there is no requirement for running tracks or trails. Moreover, all you need is a great pair of running shoes. It is cheap, and the effects are tremendous when compared to those high investment fitness regimes. Even while you are on travel, you can still continue with your running schedule. When you start losing weight, it becomes a motivation to do more running. Studies reveal that runner experience anecdotal level, and it can get you on a high. Scientists say that there is a link between running and endocannabinoids that give you a rush after a hard run.

Some people enjoy in stretching before running, thinking it can help lose weight. This is a wrong practice. Studies prove that stretching can lead to a risk of injury and can decrease the running performance. Static stretching has to be avoided, yet warm up can make you feel better before starting a run. The warm up can lubricate your joints, open capillaries, tone the muscles and improves the heart rate. You can warm up indoors or on the ground before starting your running regime.