Taking a Break from Running? Try Wall Climbing!

Running is a great form of exercise and is also a great way to pass the time. Instead of being idle or sitting on a couch the whole day, running or jogging is a better way to spend your day. Some people say a quick morning run is enough to get their creative juices flowing all day. Others prefer to run at the end of the day. The healthy dose of endorphins does wonders in melting away the day’s stresses and tension.

The downside to running though is that it is a high-impact activity. It does give the feet and the knees a good beating. It also affects the muscles on the legs and even the hips, so runners must be very careful to stretch before and after the activity. The muscles also need ample time to cool down and rest.

If you’re not a serious athlete, running for great lengths isn’t recommended as a daily activity. The muscles need to rest and recover so you don’t sustain any injuries or incur permanent damage on your muscles and joints. If you’re looking for an alternative activity that isn’t high impact but still provides you with a solid and good burn, you can give wall climbing a try.

Wall climbing is an indoor activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s fun, exciting, gives you a good workout and at the same time, assures your safety because it is done indoors. Most of the time, the locations are situated inside malls or entertainment complexes. So while the rest of your family members shop or watch a movie, you can be right there scaling heights!

Wall climbing is the much safer version of mountain or rock climbing. Here, there are experts and professionals who will ensure that you are safe every minute of your climb. You will be given harnesses, support straps, helmets, gloves as well as the best climbing carabiner. You will need several of these to complete your climb. Carabiners are small but very durable clips that hold straps or ropes together.  You should not scrimp on the quality of the carabiners that you buy or use because your life literally depends on these small clamps. Carabiners are made from materials that are rust and element proof. The same carabiners used for outdoor climbing are used for indoor wall climbing activities as well.

There are several advantages of indoor wall climbing over outdoor rock climbing. For one, indoor walls are less steep and complicated. Practice walls for novice climbers have strategically placed grips and footholds. This makes it easy for climbers to find places to grab and secure their footing. Novices can also do as many practices climbs as they can so they can familiarise themselves with how to change grips and maintain proper form during climbs. This gives them ample time to prepare for actual climbing experiences should they choose to do the actual thing.

Another advantage is zero exposure to the elements. The weather outside, especially on top of mountains, can be unpredictable. This adds to the challenges that a climber must overcome. Indoor wall climbing is done in a controlled environment. It’s not hot and neither is it too cold. More importantly, there won’t be any chance of rain, snow, or hail while you climb. The sun won’t be as harsh either.

As you may already know, countless climbers have lost their lives or have gotten injured due to weather-related incidents while they climb. This is a serious cause for concern that indoor climbers don’t have to bother themselves with.

Finally, indoor climbers don’t have to worry about the extra weight of a bulky camping bag while they scale heights. Real climbers have to bring camping gear because climbing a mountain can take days on end. Indoor climbs, on the other hand, can be completed in 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how challenging the course is.

The indoor climbs will help increase your upper body strength as well as supplement the power of your legs and thighs. You’ll be stronger and leaner because of it. So it is something that should be considered both as an alternative or a supplementary activity to running.

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Our Top 5 Running Shoe Picks in 2017

There is no one best running shoe that fits all needs. They have their own features that may have varying importance to different people. We listed five of the top running shoes for this year. We included some information so you can easily determine which one is best for you, depending on your own needs and personal preferences.

1. Brooks Ghost 9

This is one of the brands that got the highest reviews in sites like ShoeRatings and this is not a surprise considering its features. It has great grip so you don’t have to worry slipping even on wet floors. This shoe also has soft cushioning, which makes it comfortable on the feet, even on long runs. Its thick rubber ensures durability, so you can expect it to last for a long time. The average cost of this model is $120.

2. Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

This is also around the same price as the Brooks Ghost 9, which is at $120. While the shoe looks heavy and are actually heavier than its older model, it feels light when wearing it. Plus, it has topnotch cushioning providing superior support on your feet. It may take a bit of getting used to wearing these shoes, but it’s still a good pick.

3. Asics 33-M 2

This model and brand is a bit more expensive than the previous models as its average cost is $140. However, it’s worth the price considering that you’ll get maximum comfort and support, no matter how long you will be running. It’s lightweight and it’s durable too.

4. Newton Fate II

Available at $135, this shoe ensures comfort and support even on the roughest terrains. It’s also light to wear. If you love running on various grounds, including the rough roads, this shoe is an amazing choice for you.

5. Asics Gel Contend 3

If you’re on a tight budget, this model is one of the best bet as its average cost is $60. It has great cushion, although it can be a bit heavy. If weight is not a big issue for you, this is a good one to consider.

Weigh your options, and consider if they meet your personal preferences and needs so you can pick the best running shoes for you this 2017.

How to Pick the Right Footwear for Running


Picking the right footwear for running may sound complicated, especially with all the different types of running shoes and brands in the market. There’s also that need to find the perfect shoe with all the complicated specifications that’s all jargon. Well, there’s no single perfect shoe straight out of the box. Each person has unique needs and qualities that must be taken into consideration when picking the right running shoes especially if you have flat feet.

Ask yourself these questions to know which the right running shoe is for you.

What is your running profile?

Think of how long and where you’ll run. Distance running and jogging have different shoe requirements. The same goes with trail running, asphalt, or treadmill running. If you’re training for a marathon or a sprint, you’ll need different shoes as well. Many running shoes nowadays have distinct features that are adapted for different kinds of runners and their various needs.

What is your running style or pronation?

Know which part of your foot first comes in contact with the ground. This will help identify how your body absorbs the impact of running.

• Underpronation or supination

When the outside of your foot hits the ground first, a neutral shoe with added cushioning is best for you.

• Overpronation

When the inner side of your foot hits the ground first, a stability or motion-control shoe will work great for you.

• Normal Pronation

When your whole foot hits the ground as you run, a neutral shoe is your best bet.

What is your arch?

Your arch will determine the flexibility of your feet and the amount of support it needs.

• High Arch – Less Flexible – Minimum Support

The best running shoe categories for you are neutral, neutral plus, or
performance neutral

• Medium Arch – Moderately Flexible – Moderate Support

The running shoe categories that will work great for you are stability, stability plus, or performance stability

• Low Arch – Highly Flexible – Maximum Support

The running shoe you will enjoy most are from the categories of motion control or motion control plus. It is highly advisable to stick to the list of best running shoes for flat feet if your arch falls under this category.

What are your shoe length, width, and fit?

To guarantee a truly comfortable fit, you need to know your shoe size. As we age, our feet size and shape change, so it is best to always get your feet measured when purchasing new rubber shoes. Feet are also known to swell in the day and during a run, so it is best to get your feet measured when your feet are at its biggest. When trying on running shoes, make sure that there’s a fingernail length space from your biggest toe to the edge of the shoe. The shoe must not squeeze your foot and your whole foot must touch the entire base of the shoe. Whenever you plan to purchase a running shoe, get your feet measured because your size in Asics may not be the same for Saucony because each brand is made differently and has different specifications.

When you have successfully chosen the right shoe for you, try it on and give it a test drive while at the store. It has to feel right while you’re running. Ask for different alternatives as well, because not all pricey shoes perform well in the same way that not all affordable running shoes fit miserably. Remember that proper fitting running shoes can save you from problems like sprains, plantar fasciitis, blisters, tendonitis and splints.

Running For A Fit Lifestyle

Running For A Fit Lifestyle

Many chose running for fitness sake but did you know that running could help explore new destinations and promotes freedom. Wild running was in practice since age immemorial. Our ancestors have practiced running in the wild, exploring new routes instead of the modern man who takes to the roads or tracks. The stress of modern day life is so immense that it becomes almost impossible to take time out. Remember that humans are adapted to travel a great distance in an upright posture, and this helps regulate body temperature, refueling our next move. Traditionally humans are the best runners among mammals.

Man is adapted to track prey, and our prey could be faster than us. Nevertheless, man has exhibited fine determination to track down even the fastest of animals with their skills and focus. Humans are tracing their roots and are discovering their passion for running. Statistics has it that around two million adults take part in athletics every week. The running club subscriptions are increasing informs the Sport England and marathons are being oversubscribed. There is a steady growth in other disciplines like trail running and fell running. The former is running on marked tracks, and the latter is running on different terrain. Apart from exploring new places it can make you feel fit and healthy.

running for fitness

Wild running is all about being gentle; there are some amazing running routes in the wild, and all you need to do is to plan and start training. Wild running can be adventurous and can encourage a fitter and healthier body. Choosing the best route is the key factor to make your running experience worthwhile. Some routes have mixed terrains where you enjoy plains, mountain climbs and spectacular water bodies giving you a refreshing experience while you tread down the path. The remotest wilds make the best solitary adventurous routes. Explore varied running routes and enjoy the nature.

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Tips To Starting A Running Schedule


People take into running for different reasons. Some believe in beating down the boredom and other who love to tread the unbeaten path. Running can be enjoyable even to those who are not fitness freaks or natural athletes. You can make running a pleasure if you stick to some basic rules. Set realistic expectations. New runner gets vexed when their targets are not met. Never stretch, start slowly. Not meeting the target could leave you uninterested. Unless you think you are good, you cannot enjoy running. To begin with do not expect to be a sprinter.

Invest in good running gears. Forget about investing in chronograph watches GPS tracker, fitness trackers, technical apparels and the like. Just get a decent pair of sneakers that fits your feet and easy for your to stride. A good pair can cost you around $70-$100. If you are a beginner, start with a lot of walking than straight away trailing the path. Since a first-time runner would be new to the trade, it is best to warm up before you start running. You can start with a minute of active walking than some jogging before you get into full fledged running.

 Running Schedule

If you are already into the trade, like football, cross country skiing, kickball, squash. Etc you can start with running slow yet steady running for about 30 minutes. You can do your running on the treadmill, in the wild or on the trail. Irrespective of wherever you run, make it a habit to continue at least 3 times in a week. Do not overexert yourself when you start. Take a companion along while running. Engage in a conversation, if you can manage both that is a good sign. If you are breathing hard while talking, then it is time to slow down a bit. If you do not have a partner, then imagine a partner and engage in a conversation to check your speed.

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Running Apparel for Men

running dress

The right apparel can raise your comfort level while running. The running apparel for men has only two pieces- a pair of shorts and tops. There are few points to consider while choosing good comfortable clothing.

Running Shorts
Earlier, men used to wear separate underwear and shorts. But now, most of the shorts have built in underwear. There are few choices to consider- the length of the inseam, presence of pockets and the material.

Inseam length relates to the speed and comfort of the runner. Elite runners prefer short inseam as they look for lighter clothing for more agility and speed. Long inseam is a good choice for the ones who do not like their bottoms too short and can also be worn for the gym. Pockets are also purely optional. If the runner needs to carry energy gels, iPod or keys, pockets come in handy.
running menThe material of the shorts is also based on personal choice; the runner can choose the material which is more comfortable and compatible with them. Expensive shorts would have higher quality material, which helps in better and fast absorbing of sweat and lasts longer than a cheap one. Reflective materials can be worn on early morning runs so that the vehicles can know about the runner and it provides safety.

Running tops
There are few options for tops too; men have a running singlet, short sleeved, long sleeved and sleeveless tops. Singlets are for warmer weather condition, and it provides maximum flexibility and breathability. Short sleeves are preferred when the runner doesn’t want to feel too exposed, and the climate is not cold enough for long sleeves. It also protects the runner’s skin against sunlight and other elements. Long sleeves are preferred in colder weather, to keep the runner warm enough. Sleeveless top provide the flexibility of single and also wider shoulder coverage.

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Change Your Sedentary Life Style Into Running

Change Your Sedentary Life Style Into Running

Running is the best way to explore places. With running, you can find inner peace and it is easy to organize your thoughts. Running can completely transform a human being. Many people wish to engage in running but are unable to do so. It is time to forget to be a couch potato and start being a true runner. It is not an easy task, to begin with, but determination and focus can take you places. Before starting with a running regime, consult your doctor. Find out if there are any health risks. People with heart problems, respiratory disorders, pregnant women and nursing mothers have to take the advice of the doctor before starting running.

The benefits of running are immense. It can get you in great health. Though there are plethora of exercises that can keep you in good shape, running is the only exercise that can keep you fit and your heart stronger by cutting down on the cholesterol. Running should be accompanied by a good diet. Remember what you ingest is the fuel for your body. Start eating healthy, avoid junk food like fries and soda. It is not easy to get accustomed to a clean diet. It takes time but it is worth the effort. The results are amazing.

If you a smoker or alcoholic, it is time to shun those habits. It is impossible to run if you are a smoker. There is evidence that runners have given up smoking because it does not enhance their lifestyle anymore. Quit smoking before you start running. Take time away from your hectic schedule and find peace with yourself. Running can transform your lifestyle completely. Do not stop with just running, take part in races. Running with the young and the old could be great fun. It is an accomplishment you will cherish all your life.

Guidelines To Run Faster

Run Faster

Running regime can be initiated either to lose weight or set new records. Whatever may be your motivation factor, it is vital to follow some guidelines to achieve your goal. Most deserving individuals do not accomplish their goal because they give up even before they try. If you want to reach the likes of Usain Bolt or Ryan Hall, perseverance is the key. Persistence can help discover your real potential. Despite setbacks your willingness to achieve can be the driving factor to help your reach your goal. Persistent athletes understand the training lessons. The body adapts to the force you place. If the force is less, the results will be lesser too.

Running is easy, anyone can master this art. If you have to prove yourself, you have to excel in this trade. You have the potential, and all you need is the drive to prove it. To understand you potential, think you can prove better than your competitor. Devise your goals and care for your art. Dedicated preparation for the race to achieve the end results can help you reach the finish line in record time. A runner has to work on motivation, diet, and sleep. Interacting with other runners can help you understand the craft better. Flex your muscles and relax. Running relaxed can help achieve your goals. Too much stress can lead to wasted energy.

Running To Lose Weight

running to weight-loss

There is no exercise to match running when losing weight is your ultimate goal. Running is the best way to burn calories. If you have not started on running it is the time you engage in running. It is a high-intensity exercise and works even while on rest. Researchers believe that running can lead to a greater loss in weight because your energy is expended even while on rest after running. It is proved that runners burn more calories and lose 90% more weight in comparison with those walking. You can cover the distance number of times while running than walking. This goes to prove that running helps lose more calories.

Running is easier and can be done alone. You can start running almost anywhere; there is no requirement for running tracks or trails. Moreover, all you need is a great pair of running shoes. It is cheap, and the effects are tremendous when compared to those high investment fitness regimes. Even while you are on travel, you can still continue with your running schedule. When you start losing weight, it becomes a motivation to do more running. Studies reveal that runner experience anecdotal level, and it can get you on a high. Scientists say that there is a link between running and endocannabinoids that give you a rush after a hard run.

Some people enjoy in stretching before running, thinking it can help lose weight. This is a wrong practice. Studies prove that stretching can lead to a risk of injury and can decrease the running performance. Static stretching has to be avoided, yet warm up can make you feel better before starting a run. The warm up can lubricate your joints, open capillaries, tone the muscles and improves the heart rate. You can warm up indoors or on the ground before starting your running regime.

Strategies For Marathon Preparation

Strategies For Marathon Preparation

The important point to be kept in mind during a marathon is to maintain energy. Training and good health ensure that the energy level stays stable and lasts longer. It is important to gradually increase the distance and speed of running. Staying healthy is the very important.

Overtraining is always bad and training regularly with a relaxed mind helps in preserving energy. It is important to feel the joy of training and running. Feeling compelled to train will never end in success and personal interest is important for achieving the target.

The equipment used must be comfortable. Especially the shoes must be comfortable. The socks must also be a good one. Make sure that the clothes worn for the run are as comfortable as it gets, distraction or discomfort will impact the running.

Training is the key to success. Proper planning must be done for training. Daily routine and weekly routine must be planned and carried out without fail. Stretching the body must also be included in the training. Stretching helps in relaxation of muscles, which could prevent cramps. But it must be avoided after workouts.

Other activities like swimming, deep water running cycling, etc. also helps in keeping the body healthy and helps in improvement of stamina, which ultimately maintains the energy level.