Running For A Fit Lifestyle

Running For A Fit Lifestyle

Many chose running for fitness sake but did you know that running could help explore new destinations and promotes freedom. Wild running was in practice since age immemorial. Our ancestors have practiced running in the wild, exploring new routes instead of the modern man who takes to the roads or tracks. The stress of modern day life is so immense that it becomes almost impossible to take time out. Remember that humans are adapted to travel a great distance in an upright posture, and this helps regulate body temperature, refueling our next move. Traditionally humans are the best runners among mammals.

Man is adapted to track prey, and our prey could be faster than us. Nevertheless, man has exhibited fine determination to track down even the fastest of animals with their skills and focus. Humans are tracing their roots and are discovering their passion for running. Statistics has it that around two million adults take part in athletics every week. The running club subscriptions are increasing informs the Sport England and marathons are being oversubscribed. There is a steady growth in other disciplines like trail running and fell running. The former is running on marked tracks, and the latter is running on different terrain. Apart from exploring new places it can make you feel fit and healthy.

running for fitness

Wild running is all about being gentle; there are some amazing running routes in the wild, and all you need to do is to plan and start training. Wild running can be adventurous and can encourage a fitter and healthier body. Choosing the best route is the key factor to make your running experience worthwhile. Some routes have mixed terrains where you enjoy plains, mountain climbs and spectacular water bodies giving you a refreshing experience while you tread down the path. The remotest wilds make the best solitary adventurous routes. Explore varied running routes and enjoy the nature.

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Tips To Starting A Running Schedule


People take into running for different reasons. Some believe in beating down the boredom and other who love to tread the unbeaten path. Running can be enjoyable even to those who are not fitness freaks or natural athletes. You can make running a pleasure if you stick to some basic rules. Set realistic expectations. New runner gets vexed when their targets are not met. Never stretch, start slowly. Not meeting the target could leave you uninterested. Unless you think you are good, you cannot enjoy running. To begin with do not expect to be a sprinter.

Invest in good running gears. Forget about investing in chronograph watches GPS tracker, fitness trackers, technical apparels and the like. Just get a decent pair of sneakers that fits your feet and easy for your to stride. A good pair can cost you around $70-$100. If you are a beginner, start with a lot of walking than straight away trailing the path. Since a first-time runner would be new to the trade, it is best to warm up before you start running. You can start with a minute of active walking than some jogging before you get into full fledged running.

 Running Schedule

If you are already into the trade, like football, cross country skiing, kickball, squash. Etc you can start with running slow yet steady running for about 30 minutes. You can do your running on the treadmill, in the wild or on the trail. Irrespective of wherever you run, make it a habit to continue at least 3 times in a week. Do not overexert yourself when you start. Take a companion along while running. Engage in a conversation, if you can manage both that is a good sign. If you are breathing hard while talking, then it is time to slow down a bit. If you do not have a partner, then imagine a partner and engage in a conversation to check your speed.

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Running Apparel for Men

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The right apparel can raise your comfort level while running. The running apparel for men has only two pieces- a pair of shorts and tops. There are few points to consider while choosing good comfortable clothing.

Running Shorts
Earlier, men used to wear separate underwear and shorts. But now, most of the shorts have built in underwear. There are few choices to consider- the length of the inseam, presence of pockets and the material.

Inseam length relates to the speed and comfort of the runner. Elite runners prefer short inseam as they look for lighter clothing for more agility and speed. Long inseam is a good choice for the ones who do not like their bottoms too short and can also be worn for the gym. Pockets are also purely optional. If the runner needs to carry energy gels, iPod or keys, pockets come in handy.
running menThe material of the shorts is also based on personal choice; the runner can choose the material which is more comfortable and compatible with them. Expensive shorts would have higher quality material, which helps in better and fast absorbing of sweat and lasts longer than a cheap one. Reflective materials can be worn on early morning runs so that the vehicles can know about the runner and it provides safety.

Running tops
There are few options for tops too; men have a running singlet, short sleeved, long sleeved and sleeveless tops. Singlets are for warmer weather condition, and it provides maximum flexibility and breathability. Short sleeves are preferred when the runner doesn’t want to feel too exposed, and the climate is not cold enough for long sleeves. It also protects the runner’s skin against sunlight and other elements. Long sleeves are preferred in colder weather, to keep the runner warm enough. Sleeveless top provide the flexibility of single and also wider shoulder coverage.

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